Terms & Conditions

  1. The Infant & Toddler Atelier is a provision by Blue House International Pte Ltd (Blue House) for parents (Parents) and caregivers and their children aged 6 to 36 months only and any and all use shall be subject to these terms and conditions (Terms) and such Terms shall be deemed accepted upon the signing of the registration forms by Parents.
  2. All Terms may, at any time and from time to time, be varied and supplemented by us without prior notice to you. Any changes to these Terms shall be displayed at the premises. The reference to “Terms” shall refer to these terms and conditions as amended and supplemented by us.


  1. All class fees are payable in advance, whether on a per session basis or on a package basis. .
  2. All fees that have been paid in advance, including fees for Playgroup sessions, are non-refundable under any circumstances.  However, with our prior approval, credit balances of fees may be transferred to another family registered with the Atelier.
  3. Any pre-booked session may only be cancelled with prior notice of a minimum of 4 hours. Such notice of cancellation may be given by email or by phone. Such cancellation is applicable for all classes at the Atelier except for Drop In sessions where no pre-booking is required.
  4. Where no or insufficient prior notice is given for the cancellation of a class, you will be deemed to have attended such class and your session account will be deducted accordingly.
  5. Playgroup parents who have paid in advance for a term but who are unable to attend their regular class session may attend another class session as a replacement “make-up” class subject to them having complied with the 4 hour cancellation notice requirement in paragraph 5.  Such make-up classes must be taken within the same term and cannot be carried over into the next term unless the missed class was the last class session of a term. As make-up classes are subject to the availability of space in other class sessions, such make-up classes must be booked via phone or email directly with the Atelier.  A make-up class must be subject to prior confirmation by the Atelier.
  6. Sibling discount on adhoc class attendance is applicable for up to three children from the same family. All children must be within the stipulated age limit that specific programmes slots permit. Please refere to Pricing Collateral for details.
  7. Fees are subject to change at the discretion of Blue House at any time without notice.


  1. Please note that upon registration, you will receive a copy of the Parents Handbook for the Atelier. The Handbook outlines the objectives of the programme and guidelines applicable to such programme and the use of the Atelier which must be strictly complied with.
  2. All children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of all sessions and Parents must remain vigilant and responsible at all times.
  3. Due to space constraints, only one adult per child may attend the sessions except for the Family Connections programme where a maximum of 2 adults may attend per family. Any additional adult will be charged $15 per class and/or playgroup sessions and is subject to prior approval by us dependant on availability.
  4. Whilst we understand how technology plays a part in our everyday lives, we ask that mobile phones only be used in an emergency.  We encourage you to take the session as an opportunity to be with your child and marvel in their discoveries.
  5. Parents should only take photographs of their own child in the Atelier.  Please be respectful of the rights of other children and families who are in the Atelier.
  6. Due its design, the Atelier may not be suitable for older children except for the Family Connection programme where siblings below the age of five are welcome to attend.


  1. Blue House will undertake all necessary safety precautions and act in a responsible manner to ensure the safety of children and families during their sessions. Notwithstanding this, Parents agree not to hold Blue House, their employees and/or agents responsible or liable for any injury, loss of property or other damage that may be caused to, or suffered or sustained at the Atelier.
  2. Parents agree to indemnify and hold Blue House harmless against any loss, damage or liability suffered or sustained as a result of any breach of these Terms.
  3. If, for any reason outside the control of Blue House (including but not limited to any government ruling or regulation; any fire, lighting, storms, floods or any other occurrence caused by the operation of the forces of nature; any strikes, lookouts, boycotts or labour disputes; terrorism, sabotage or arson; epidemic or infectious disease; or severe haze), Blue House is rendered unable wholly or in part to perform its obligations, then upon notice in writing to Parents as soon as reasonably practicable, Blue House shall be released from such obligations to the extent to which they are affected by such circumstances and for the period during which those circumstances exist. There shall be no refund of any fees or package expiry extensions under such circumstances.


  1. Your child’s photograph and/or image in video may be selected to be used as part of the ongoing documentation process in the Atelier.  Documentation is a valuable part of developing programmes and session content in the Atelier.  Some of these images may then be chosen to showcase the work of the children in the Atelier, on our website or social media platforms or in our advertisements.