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Class Sessions

Created by our team of early childhood experts and specialists, we offer a range of unique and inspired Classes, differing at each of our two Atelier locations.

Our Classes provide children with a breadth of experiences and choices, encouraging development within a variety of contexts.  We provide opportunities for children to develop different types of thinking and skills and as they grow in confidence through our programme, they begin to draw strands of knowledge and understanding together, building upon their prior discoveries, testing theories and experimenting.

Families can choose to attend the same or a different class on each visit, as many times in a week as you and your child wish!

Reggionarra (UE Square)
Become part of a musical movement where you and your child will experience the wonder of instruments, singing, poetry and rhyme.  Join our team as you journey through the world of sound, enveloping your child in wonder, imagination, drama and creativity through the language and magic of story telling — the dance between the cognitive, expressive, rational and imaginative.

Discover Wonder (Turf City and UE Square)
From the playground to the living room, and even in the stroller on your way to the Atelier, science is all around us.  Bringing to life a joy of discovery, finding out what our bodies can do, investigating everyday objects and how they fit into our lives, all these opportunities give young explorers a head start into developing a deeper understanding of the world and seeing the possibilities rather than limitations in everyday life.  Discover Wonder ignites a child’s curiosity and encourages a love of learning.

Discover “First” Wonders – Special 6 Class Series
From 8th November – 13th December 2019

Enjoy “6 weeks of wonder” and discover animals, colours, sensory explorations, movement and more! This tailor made series is designed to provide infants with “firsts”; first discoveries of what they can do and the first opportunity to begin to wonder about the world around them…

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Fascinating Fridays (Turf City and UE Square)
As the weekend fast approaches join our team and delight in something extraordinary.  In addition to leading children through an experience of music, sound, movement and interactive exploration, we always keep an extra little something up our sleeves for our Friday afternoon sessions. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Daddy & Me (UE Square)
A wonderful opportunity for fathers to spend some one on one time with their children and explore the wonder of the Atelier without feeling conscious that they are the only Dad in the room!

Family Connection (UE Square)
This popular mixed age Class purposefully accommodates families with one or more children under the age of 36 months with an opportunity to spend time exploring the Atelier as a family.  This is a great weekend outing for the whole family.

Click here for more information about our unique range of classes, and click here to access our full Atelier Schedule for 2019 so you can see which classes are running and when. See you soon!