Frequently Asked Questions

We have two inspiring Infant & Toddler Atelier locations.  Our first location, which opened in 2012, is located within the grounds of the Blue House Nursery & Pre-School on Turf Club Road in Bukit Timah.  Our second location, newly opened in July 2015, is located at UE Square.

We welcome children from 6 months to 3 years old to enjoy our tailor made program and interactive space.

Yes.  A parent or nominated carer must accompany all children in the Atelier at all times.  Very young children are at their best when they have the support of a parent or carer near by.  They are more willing to play and explore for longer, gaining more in depth learning, when they are happy and secure.  Parents and carers also enjoy the freedom and warmth of our space, seeing children thrive in an environment that is safe, secure and inspiring.

Our Ateliers are often referred to as an interactive museum!  We plan each and every colour, material, space and activity to inspire young children and create warmth, to entice them into a world of wonder and discovery.  We focus on providing the children with a meaningful collection and variety of open-ended materials.   Each child’s vision is unique to them and open-ended materials allow them to express their vision in both 2 and 3 dimensions.  It allows for a personal experience where we can focus on the process, not the product.  This style of play removes boundaries.  It’s limitless and full of possibilities!

Our philosophy in the Infant & Toddler Ateliers, as well as the Blue House Nursery & International Pre-School, is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. The furniture, light boxes and a range of equipment were designed and manufactured in Italy as a direct outcome of the children, spaces, relations research project and are the result of ongoing collaboration between our Blue House Team and the world renown schools of Reggio Emilia.

Socks! For you and your child. An extra pair of clothes and nappies is also a good idea, just in case. We encourage full exploration and participation in our activities, which can on occasion get a little messy!

Yes, we warmly welcome special celebrations of all kinds. Please contact us for further information

We encourage one adult carer to join each child. However, we understand sometimes you may have visitors, so please do inform us in advance if this is the case. We do have a maximum of 2 adults per child.

If siblings are older than 3 years old, we ask that they do not join us in the space given the materials, set up, environment and age of the children in attendance. For siblings under 3, we absolutely encourage their involvement, either by purchasing another session fee with another accompanying adult, or by joining our Family Connections session , which is run on a Saturday encouraging families with multiple children to join.

A full program schedule and description of our classes can be found on the website for further information. A session or class is expertly guided by one or more of our experienced Educators. Our team act as Observers, watching each child and facilitating their inquiries and investigation within our space. Classes generally involve a combination of connection time with all members of the group participating in an activity and free play where each child is free to explore and wonder in the space.

A drop-in session allows children free time to explore and investigate the space. Each child must still be accompanied by an adult carer. Our expert Educators will also be on hand to support your child within the space and often provide a number of unique and inspiring activities.

We recommend that you book in advance for each session to avoid disappointment. We also need to ensure in advance that maximum numbers are adhered to, so we can present a quality experience to all members joining us in the Atelier. For some classes, we recommend a minimum commitment of one class per week for 4-6 weeks to ensure children joining that class gain the most out of it. Please click here for a full list of our classes and schedule.

We warmly welcome you and your child to join us for a trial class. We proudly do not ask for a Membership, Administration or Registration fee. Session fees apply as per the usual fee structure for trial classes, however, this is the single and only fee for any class or drop in session. Please read through our full range of classes on offer. We trust you’ll find something that will specifically relate to the age or interest of your child, particularly as they grow, learn and change with the world around them.

We have a strict no food policy in the Atelier (water bottles welcome) however we understand hungry tummies need attention, and comfortable waiting areas exist in both Atelier’s for such an occasion. We also warmly welcome breastfeeding mothers to enjoy the comfort of these spaces.

At our Turf Club location, you may also make use of our on site Pantry, which offers a comfortable environment for Blue House families as well as a range of coffee, tea, drinks, food and snacks all day.

We are often open during school holidays to provide another exciting activity for children during their break. Exact days and opening times do vary however and specific information will be available and distributed prior to each public holiday or school break. We also recommend you join our Facebook page to keep in the loop regarding Atelier information.